web 2.0

The internet is becoming more inter(active). But at what cost?

Links I mention (thanks to commandN for some of these):

Read about how some ISPs are blocking to whom you can send email.

The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of Techpodcasts.com – if it’s tech, it’s here.

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One thought on “web 2.0

  1. I got the following email about upgrades to Zoho:

    Hi Darusha,

    How do you do? Please let me introduce myself. I’m Aravind, Market Analyst for the Zoho (http://zoho.com) range of products & services. Thanks a lot for mentioning Zoho Writer in your blog.

    Here’s something that we believe might interest you. We have just released the Beta of Zoho Writer. Check it out at http://www.zohowriter.com.

    We have added a lot many features since our Alpha in October. The interface has been revamped completely with the aim to make Zoho Writer much more easy to use. Everything has been made just one click away including a single click toggle between full screen editing & inline editing. Lots of minor editor enhancements like find & replace, anchor support, additional fonts etc. have been added too for the Beta.

    Do try the new Beta version & please feel free to mail/blog your feedback comments & suggestions on Zoho Writer.

    Thanks & regards,

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