Using Technology for Awesome

So far I have been talking pretty exclusively about technologies that I think need some scrutiny for their potential negative effects. So, in the name of balance I thought that I ought to point out that I don’t think all tech is bad tech. To that end, here are a half dozen technologies I think are really cool.

In no particular order, they are…

Wiki While I would argue that working in groups is pretty much always preferable to working alone, it does still have to be done sometimes. This is a tool that most groups that have to do a lot of work together should have in their arsenals.

Electric sailboat engines that generate electricity when not in use.

A search engine for handwritten documents One of the things that’s so annoying about the digital world is that it draws distinct lines between what’s online and what isn’t. This is a huge step in smudging that line.

A car that runs on compressed air is a very interesting alternative to the much touted (and much maligned) hydrogen fuel cell car.

VoIP – Voice over IP Using broadband internet to make phone calls reduces your phone bill, eliminates long distance charges, makes you feel like very 21st century and means you can actually be a part of breaking the local phone company’s monopoly. There are also ways of encrypting voice conversations which are particularly interesting to the privacy seekers among us.

Marine current turbines Tide power squared (or more).

Comments on these technologies (or other uses of tech power for awesome) are most welcome.

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