Tech for 2006 (them)

Slashdot pointed me to a Popular Mechanics article on 15 Tech concepts we all should be aware of for 2006. The highlights for me are IPTV, micro fuel cells and mobile VoIP. I wonder about AJAX, satellite video and SPIT.

AJAX, a web programming tool that makes web applications work more smoothly, is really very 2005. I have even started to hear some people say that they think its day in the sun is over.

I’m not convinced about satellite video – I do think portable video is going to gain traction, but not necessarily in 2006, and I don’t know if people will be willing to pay satellite subscription prices for tiny screen video.

And spam over internet telephony – please. I’m not convinced this isn’t just an excuse for a cool acronym. I’ve been a user of exclusively VoIP for over 18 months and I’ve never had SPIT; I don’t even get regular telemarketers. That’s one of the advantages of VoIP over regular phone services in my book.

I’ve been mulling over my list of 2006 tech desires for awhile. Watch this space for my vision of the future (or at least one I’d like to see).

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