Such a Wiinie

WiiI somehow magically got a Wii for my birthday, and have been meaning to post about it. Lots has been said about it, but there are two main points I think are worth mentioning.

  1. It’s the first game system I’ve ever used that really is good enough out of the box.

    I’d really like to get a hold of another set of controls for 2 player boxing, and Wii Play looks pretty decent, but I’ve been using the thing almost daily for over a month, and it’s still fun. We rented a shoot-em-up game for an evening, which was okay, but I still have no compelling desire to get a new game. This, of course, isn’t great news for the game companies, but as a consumer I’m thrilled with the replay ability of the included Wii Sports.

  2. It’s incredible to watch someone who’s new to games play with this thing.

    A friend of mine isn’t much of a gamer, but she is an amateur softball player. She came over and I handed her the control and turned on the baseball game. She asked me how to play and I said “just play baseball.” She was confused for a while, and eventually swung the bat. You’d think I’d just stuck her in a time machine or something, she was so amazed at the technology.

    Those of us who follow tech advances think that waving a controller around to play a game is almost old hat by now, but watching someone play a video game that way for the first time is totally eye opening.

  3. All in all, the Wii has totally exceeded my expectations and it’s still as fun as it was the day I got it. Now that’s return on investment.

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