stikkit – a very cool web app

I don’t often post links to products, but I’ve just started using stikkit and it’s very very cool. It’s built using Ruby on Rails and has all the nice flashy ajax things we’ve come to love about modern web apps – text fades on and off the page, the page doesn’t reload to show changes – the usual. But what’s great about stikkit is it’s fake AI.

stikkit is basically a stickies app that “knows” if you’re typing contact information, a to do list or a calendar item, and automagically categorizes those types of entries accordingly. You can also tag and share, those functions that seem to be de rigeur in anything labeled tagged Web 2.0.

On the homepage, you can click to a screencast of stikkit in action, and it does actually have to be seen to be understood. It’s a free beta now, and I found it on happycodr.

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