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  1. I dunno if you really respect how well these sites facilitate social networks. The best example’s I’ve come across are, as always, amongst students. I recently viewed one well in action amongst a community of exchange students, and the degree of social networking and depth seemed to me incredible. Now, as an exchange student i know they are predesposed to developing social networks, but i experienced nothing compared to what i saw, and it required much more effort before oh, say, facebook. Perhaps there are tradeoffs for the ease gained; there are however clear benefits as well.

    On the flip side, I am surprised at the lack of discussion over the loss of anonymity – as well as the social/behavioural aspects of social networking. Although, i suppose theres a whole plenthora of phds to be mined from that last sentence, so theres no fault in having only glanced across ths urface of the whole mess.

  2. I don’t really think that social networking sites do contribute to a lack of anonymity – rather the opposite. I think the point of huge networking sites is to preserve a kind of functional anonymity by offering a strict framework for interaction.

    Though I agree that my own use of social networking sites has been limited, so I’m sure I am missing out on a lot of what they offer.

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