Such a Wiinie March 20, 2007

WiiI somehow magically got a Wii for my birthday, and have been meaning to post about it. Lots has been said about it, but there are two main points I think are worth mentioning.

Kicking the iTunes Habit January 3, 2007


It’s not exactly that I don’t like iTunes - when I first started using it I was blown away by how great it was. And it just kept getting better until it hit that point. The point where it’s trying to do so many things that it doesn’t do anything right for me.

I admit that I’m not a lover of converged devices - I have a pda, a phone and a music player; they are all separate devices to perform separate functions. I like it that way.

How to watch podcasts December 27, 2006

I recently discovered that a lot of visitors find this site searching for information about how to watch podcasts. Obviously, that’s because the name of my podcast is Tech Watch.

However, I can provide the answer to that question. Most video podcasts have a website where you can watch the episodes online in your web browser. If you want to subscribe, though, you’ll need both a podcast aggregator and a video player. This is where it can get tricky.

Metalosis Maligna November 7, 2006

This is an amazing fake documentary about the effects of cyborgism. Awesome!

56 MB video (slow, but so totally worth it)


“Interface-Free” Touch Screen Video October 29, 2006

I’m one of those people who thinks that in this day and age it’s pretty embarrassing that we’re still interacting with machines using a WIMP (windows, icons, mouse, pointer) interface. So I was thrilled to see this video of someone who’s trying a different approach.

(via William Gibson’s blog)

Down with DRM videos October 13, 2006

Here’s a great, simple video explaining why DRM hurts consumers.

Automating Podcasts using myPodder on an iPod October 5, 2006

If you’re a power podcast user like me, you’ve probably found that iTunes doesn’t have the feature set you’re looking for in a podcatching client. That’s why I was thrilled to discover that myPodder, the client that goes with the online site Podcast Ready, now supports iPods. I was less than excited, though, when I discovered that “support” means that the application runs, not that you can actually play the stuff you download directly on your iPod.

Internet spying video July 21, 2006

Cynically Tested, a group of Canadian filmmakers, has this great parody of what one of the major Canadian ISPs is/might be doing. Good stuff. (Found on Michael Geist’s blog)

Dangerous Curves July 13, 2006

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The internet is creating a culture and society of its own, which like any culture, is completely mysterious to those outside it. Yes, we are all strangers to each other.

Check out the Neilsen/Netratings report about podcast usage [pdf]. Or, if you’re really bored, spend a minute or several browsing YouTube or Google Videos.


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