Kindling November 28, 2007

As everyone probably knows, Amazon made a big stink recently with the launch of its ebook reader the Kindle (and the associated ebook store). I’m on a mailing list for authors who distribute on, and the Kindle set that normally very quiet mailing list on fire. Everyone seemed to have a very strong opinion.

Apple iPhone January 9, 2007

iPhone image - Courtesy of AppleI know everyone and her dog will be talking about this, but I have to admit that it’s the first announcement Apple has made that actually excites me. The iPhone is an entirely new design, with a wide touchscreen as opposed to buttons. It’s a phone, iPod and tiny computer that runs a version of OS X. It has wifi and bluetooth and is a quad band GSM phone on the Cingular network.

Podcast Academy 3 Talk January 7, 2007

My talk from the Podcast Academy 3 at Yahoo! this past summer is up now at the Podcast Academy channel. Check it out.

It’s not about you, it’s about us December 22, 2006

“You” are Time Magazine’s person of the year. But why are they talking about citizen created media now? It’s not about youtube, blogging or getting famous on the internet. It’s about actively sharing ideas, not just passively receiving them.

I give an example of the strong multi-directional nature of citizen media, when I talk about the show with ze frank. Check it out.

It's not about you, it's about us [mp3]

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“Interface-Free” Touch Screen Video October 29, 2006

I’m one of those people who thinks that in this day and age it’s pretty embarrassing that we’re still interacting with machines using a WIMP (windows, icons, mouse, pointer) interface. So I was thrilled to see this video of someone who’s trying a different approach.

(via William Gibson’s blog)

Automating Podcasts using myPodder on an iPod October 5, 2006

If you’re a power podcast user like me, you’ve probably found that iTunes doesn’t have the feature set you’re looking for in a podcatching client. That’s why I was thrilled to discover that myPodder, the client that goes with the online site Podcast Ready, now supports iPods. I was less than excited, though, when I discovered that “support” means that the application runs, not that you can actually play the stuff you download directly on your iPod.

Net Neutrality 2 July 11, 2006

In last week’s Tech Watch, I talked about net neutrality - particularly the fear that some internet service providers might charge content providers extra to “guarantee” that their content is accessible. I didn’t mention the other boogeyman with respect to net neutrality - throttling.

In my secret life June 8, 2006

New technologies are blurring the line between public and private discourse. In this episode I talk about the tension between too much information and the “pull” nature of the internet.

The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of - if it’s tech, it’s here.

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$100 laptop photos May 23, 2006

Check out the first glimpses of the MIT media lab’s $100 laptop (the cornerstone of the One Laptop per Child program).

For more info, watch the Pop!Tech 2005 feed from IT Conversations for a talk from Nicholas Negroponte about this project. The talk should be posted in a couple of weeks.

Update: You can now hear the Nicholas Negroponte talk here.

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