DO NOT Upgrade to myPodder 1.6.3

If you’re on a Mac (I can’t speak to the Windows version) DO NOT upgrade to the new version of myPodder. It downloads podcasts to a directory that is within the application package (full explanation below for those who are interested). This means it’s very hard to get at your podcast files and any automated system will fail.

Explanation: Mac applications are really special directories called packages. When you doubleclick on an application’s icon, you run the application, but you can also open it (try command-clicking and choosing “Show Package Contents”). Inside it’s just a folder with other folder and files inside. The new version of myPodder is downloading podcasts to a folder inside the application package as opposed to the Podcasts folder. Not good.

Stick with the previous version for now. And yes, I’ve posted this bug to their very under-used forum.

UPDATE: It has been fixed and the upgrade works now.

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