Automator Workflow for myPodder to iPod

I’ve been having trouble with the Yamipod part of the myPodder to iPod solution I posted about previously. So I wrote an Automator workflow to use iTunes instead. If you’re on a Mac running 10.4, you can use it too. Download the workflow here.

2 thoughts on “Automator Workflow for myPodder to iPod

  1. There is an option in the mypodder which sets it up so that you can view the podcasts on the iPod (I have a 20g Colour iPod and I am using windows.)

    as far as I know it is not automatically selected…

    To set the option click the options Tab and click set folder – it should now be set to folder_ipod.

    I have had Other Problems with mypodder myself – It not being able to put acc files onto an iPod, it not being able to set an end time for Podcasts – and it not being able to access half of my podcast feeds…and It also not deleting Podcasts from the iPod’s database when it deletes them from the iPod.

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