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iPhone image - Courtesy of AppleI know everyone and her dog will be talking about this, but I have to admit that it’s the first announcement Apple has made that actually excites me. The iPhone is an entirely new design, with a wide touchscreen as opposed to buttons. It’s a phone, iPod and tiny computer that runs a version of OS X. It has wifi and bluetooth and is a quad band GSM phone on the Cingular network.

I’m not that interested in phones, and this is about as converged a device as you can get, but I’ll honestly think about ponying up the $599 USD (8GB, $499 4GB) for it as a pocket computer if the following functions exist on this device:

  • it can be unlocked and used on different GSM carriers worldwide
  • the non-phone functions (wifi, iPod, browser, email) still work even if there’s no phone functionality – no SIM card, no contract, nothing

Ideally, I’d want one without the phone part. But, even if it’s not for me, it’s a surprisingly cool device. Heck, I’ve been wanting the combination of iPod and wifi for years now.

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  1. Daru, I must confront your excitement with a dose of reality.

    As with the iPod, Apple is really introducing little>nothing new with the iPhone, save polish. Touch screen pda’s with wifi have been around for ages now. Even the Zune does wifi. Countless phones do push email, wifi, cellular-internet, pictures and music. And at a substantially lower price.

    Indeed, apple’s offering is in some ways sub-par. Notably, the iPhone doesn’t support 3G, meaning that cellular Internet is dial-up speeds, as opposed to megabit as the Euro/Japanese expect. Also, according to Pogue, it doesn’t support flash or java. I know that there’s an 80’s revival going on, but not supporting java is just plain silly. Hell, the iPhone may not even do VoIP. Hello? Also, why only 2 megapixels for the camera? For $500usd, don’t i deserve more? And more than just 4GB of memory?

    Of course, I want an iPhone, and now. And it will be great, but only because apple gets one thing that for some reason few other tech companies seems to understand – how to make products slick, sexy, and user-friendly. While that may sound presumptive (i obviously haven’t tried one yet) its clear that thats what makes this offering special. Just look at the visual voicemail, for example.

    I think apple screwed up on this one, price-point and feature-wise. Nokia, Motorola, et al. are tougher (and bigger) beasts than Creative, and to presume an apple homerun with its iPhone, especially at this cost, is really silly. Palm, however, should be ordering diapers wholesale right now.

  2. There’s plenty wrong with the iPhone, no doubt. It’s a phone, for one – a voip client would be much more interesting (to me, anyway). And while I agree that the individual details are mostly not revolutionary, it’s putting them all together in one package that is.

    I also have hope that since it’s running a flavour of OS X, which is built on Unix, that there will be an ability to build utilities for it that there aren’t on other closed platform devices.

    Really, I think if you look at is as a phone, it falls pretty short. But if you look at it as a tiny computer you can put in your pocket that costs half of a laptop and you can make calls on it, it starts looking more interesting.

    Of course, like all things, I’m sure it’s not as cool in real life as it is in my fevered imagination.

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