GigaVox and Two New Channels!

Finally, the big news has arrived from the Conversations Network (where I’m Senior Editor). The channels have now been split to fall under two separate umbrella groups: the Conversations Network and GigaVox Media. As of today, IT Conversations, plus two new channels – Open Source Conversations and the Podcast Academy – are part of GigaVox […]

Net Neutrality 2

In last week’s Tech Watch, I talked about net neutrality – particularly the fear that some internet service providers might charge content providers extra to “guarantee” that their content is accessible. I didn’t mention the other boogeyman with respect to net neutrality – throttling. There is a concern is that ISPs will purposefully downgrade competing […]

Podcast Academy 3

On June 15 & 16, 2006, I’ll be at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, CA at the third Podcast Academy. I’ll be meeting face to face with my co-consipirators at the Conversations Network, and giving a talk about how to make your podcast better by offering your audience more than just audio or video. Come say […]

Digital Media Revolution

Anyone can be an author, videographer, photographer or audio star. So what? Social networks: mySpace Facebook Creator tools: WordPress Odeo Flickr YouTube OurMedia The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of – if it’s tech, it’s here. Subscribe to the feed using your podcatcher of choice; see the links in the sidebar.

New X Prizes

Via Slashdot, I learned that the X Prize Foundation is working on new challenges. Personally, I’m particularly thrilled & delighted about new ideas in automotives. X Prize foundner Peter Diamandis gets it right when he asks, “why do we still drive cars that use an internal combustion engine and only get 30 miles per gallon?” […]

Tech for 2006 (them)

Slashdot pointed me to a Popular Mechanics article on 15 Tech concepts we all should be aware of for 2006. The highlights for me are IPTV, micro fuel cells and mobile VoIP. I wonder about AJAX, satellite video and SPIT. AJAX, a web programming tool that makes web applications work more smoothly, is really very […]