More RFID news

I haven’t written about RFID chips in some time, but the tiny chips are back in the news. The US government has started issuing passports including RFID technology which stores identifying information, while Dutch researchers have created a proof of concept RFID virus. Nice combination, wouldn’t you say?

The Google Future

Business 2.0 has a cute future history of Google, with four potential scenarios that could come to pass for the advertising/search giant, titled Google is the Media, Google is the Internet, Google is Dead and Google is God. Of all the possibilities, I think “Google is the Internet” is the least likely, and “Google is […]

Tech for 2006 (me)

Here’s the list of technologies I want in my grubby paws by this time next year. My kingdom for a fab lab… iPod voice recorder → The new iPods already include pretty robust recording capabilities – there’s just no hardware solution to access them. I want this fixed. Programmable clothing → I want clothes that […]

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas – the land without time. It’s a glimpse of our past, but with 24 hour baccarat. The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of – if it’s tech, it’s here. Click here to listen or download, or subscribe to the feed by using one of the links in the sidebar […]