Old ideas fighting older ideas

I had the opportunity to watch some of the National Film Board of Canada‘s 1971 animated short “Evolution” recently. It is a very cute, childlike explanation of concepts such as survival of the fittest and genetic mutation as adaptation to changing surroundings. Watching it, I found myself thinking – how odd; almost 35 years after […]


When looking at the current state of innovation in almost any area, the general tone of discussion sounds a bit like this: “Isn’t it amazing the thing they’re doing these days in computers/medicine/genetics/engineering/weapons-creation? What wonderful progress we are making!” Newer is better, regardless of any other factors. This isn’t really a new phenomenon; Erich Fromm […]


Back in the day (1998) a bunch of concerned people came together to write a sort of manifesto on technology (mainly regarding the Internet). Due to the nature of things, it’s still hanging around on the web, though it looks like no activity has gone on at the site for a couple of years now. […]


According to Wikipedia, a golden hammer is “a tool, technology, paradigm, snake oil, buzzword or similar where its proponents enthusiastically sing its praises, predicting that it will solve multiple problems, including some obviously not amenable to the proposed solution”. In other words, something folks get crazy-go-nuts excited about, perhaps a little prematurely. It seems to […]