Net Neutrality 2

In last week’s Tech Watch, I talked about net neutrality – particularly the fear that some internet service providers might charge content providers extra to “guarantee” that their content is accessible. I didn’t mention the other boogeyman with respect to net neutrality – throttling. There is a concern is that ISPs will purposefully downgrade competing […]

The Google Future

Business 2.0 has a cute future history of Google, with four potential scenarios that could come to pass for the advertising/search giant, titled Google is the Media, Google is the Internet, Google is Dead and Google is God. Of all the possibilities, I think “Google is the Internet” is the least likely, and “Google is […]

Tech for 2006 (them)

Slashdot pointed me to a Popular Mechanics article on 15 Tech concepts we all should be aware of for 2006. The highlights for me are IPTV, micro fuel cells and mobile VoIP. I wonder about AJAX, satellite video and SPIT. AJAX, a web programming tool that makes web applications work more smoothly, is really very […]

web 2.0

The internet is becoming more inter(active). But at what cost? Links I mention (thanks to commandN for some of these): flickr 37signals meebo thinkfree zoho writely Read about how some ISPs are blocking to whom you can send email. The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of – if it’s tech, […]

I admit it, I’m a geek

This morning I installed ipodlinux on my first generation iPod mini. I’m no hacker – I used the OS X installer available from This is an unsupported version of ipodlinux, but it works really well. The funny thing about linux on the iPod is that the thing it does really badly is play music. […]

IE calls home

Recently, I heard a fairly well known tech personality talk about Internet Explorer 7 and its anti-phishing feature. Microsoft has built in to its new browser an option where every website a user tried to access was sent back to MS’s server and matched against a list of known phishing sites. If it matched, the […]

Thoughts on the Reith Lectures

I have been listening to the 2005 Reith Lectures, and can only reiterate my previous recommendation. I knew that Lord Broers was an inveterate tech booster, and his first two lectures have failed to disappoint on that front. Regular readers of GH know that I am critical of those who espouse progress for its own […]

The New Boob Tube

When I was a kid, I remember I had this book. It was a small saddlestitched flip book of maybe 20 pages, all of which were brightly illustrated and was written in 18 point font. It was about how you (you, being a kid at the appropriate age for this type of book) should not […]