If It Feels Good…

There’s no question that human beings are hardwired to make new stuff out of old stuff, to want to discover new things and make old things better. Ever since the first proto-human picked up a rock and used it as a tool, there have been engineers, and ever since someone investigated what that rock could […]

The Robots Are Coming!

The Feature (a web journal owned by Nokia, for what it’s worth) has a very interesting article by Mark Frauenfelder about the near future of personal robotics. The article is noteworthy both for its coverage of several new devices being created, and for Frauenfelder’s questions over the ethics of passing certain types of work to […]


Back in the day (1998) a bunch of concerned people came together to write a sort of manifesto on technology (mainly regarding the Internet). Due to the nature of things, it’s still hanging around on the web, though it looks like no activity has gone on at the site for a couple of years now. […]