Electricity and Computers

Why haven’t the green revolution, the government, or the free market been able to control electricity consumption? The answer is the power hungry device that you’re reading this post on. Find out what you can do to save money and save the world. Resources: Statistics and projections on Energy use, by the US government. Compact […]

Bits is bits

Information wants to be free? No, but if you can’t own something it’s hard to sell it. A follow-up to the last podcast about DRM. The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of Techpodcasts.com – if it’s tech, it’s here. Subscribe [?] to the feed using your podcatcher of choice; see the links […]

The Google Future

Business 2.0 has a cute future history of Google, with four potential scenarios that could come to pass for the advertising/search giant, titled Google is the Media, Google is the Internet, Google is Dead and Google is God. Of all the possibilities, I think “Google is the Internet” is the least likely, and “Google is […]

web 2.0

The internet is becoming more inter(active). But at what cost? Links I mention (thanks to commandN for some of these): flickr 37signals imagecrop.com meebo thinkfree zoho writely Read about how some ISPs are blocking to whom you can send email. The Golden Hammer: Tech Watch is a proud member of Techpodcasts.com – if it’s tech, […]

Subscribe? What’s that?

So you want to know how to get Tech Watch and other audio files delivered automatically? Look no further. If you want to listen to programs online, rather than by downloading them to your computer, try using services like Odeo or Podnova. These services require that you sign up with a username and password, but […]

Slashdot and the Street

The Open Source and Anti-Globalization Movements: A Comparison There are two grassroots groups getting headlines and causing consternation among CEOs and government leaders these days – the Open Source technology movement and the anti-globalization movement. They seem to be very different groups, but lately I have begun to wonder if they influence each other, or […]

Forcing Corporate (Re)Action

It’s not news that some schools are experimenting with outfitting their students with RFID badges for helping confirm attendance (so they claim). And, it’s not news that some folks, including some parents of the affected students, find this objectionable. It is news that in the face of this controversy, the corporation supplying the RFID badges […]