New look December 24, 2006

Maybe it’s the season, or maybe I just got sick of the old look, but I spent the last day or so redesigning the site. I’ve changed the entire concept of navigation to one that’s based on topic rather than time. Makes more sense to me, anyway.

I hope y’all like it!

Down time November 17, 2005

If anyone had trouble accessing the site recently, that was because the server it’s on (not this site) was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re back in business now.

Look for an new Tech Watch podcast from guest host Steven soon.!! April 14, 2005

This is shameless self-promotion, but another website for which I write has recently launched. is a “dailyodical,” focussing on essays, criticism, fiction, science and weather. I write science stuff.

I’d like it even if I weren’t involved, so give it a look-see. There are lots of invisible links, so use your tab key or mouse over and check it out. Especially the about Lester Buckets link.

The Golden Hammer has a new look March 4, 2005

The new theme for The Golden Hammer has been modified from Kubrick, the lovely theme by Michael Heilemann. I have taken the Golden Hammer’s new look & feel, fooled with it a bit, and turned it into a Wordpress theme called Strangelove. It will be available for download shortly, for those who are interested.

New Home February 5, 2005

The Golden Hammer has a new home. Update your bookmarks to

Also, please update your RSS feed to this new one. There are now options to have a feed for the entries, comments or links. Make your favourite aggregator happy, and grab a feed or two from the sidebar ->

Introduction October 15, 2004

According to Wikipedia, a golden hammer is “a tool, technology, paradigm, snake oil, buzzword or similar where its proponents enthusiastically sing its praises, predicting that it will solve multiple problems, including some obviously not amenable to the proposed solution”. In other words, something folks get crazy-go-nuts excited about, perhaps a little prematurely.

About the Author October 14, 2004

Darusha Wehm

The Golden Hammer is written by Darusha Wehm. She is a word geek who has been working and fighting with technology since back in the day, and is now combining those two data points into the posts in this blog.

She does a lot of other things, including a little freelance editing and writing on the side. Visit her main website at, where you can find out about all the other things she does.