21st Century Success

The nature of communications is changing, and our benchmarks for what’s considered success need to change, too. Popularity just doesn’t cut it any more.

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One thought on “21st Century Success

  1. Just caught this podcast today and I also heard Victor’s comments. I like the reasoning and agree that the notion of popularity is shifting. I do think that we micro-content providers still need a sense of who our audience is however. To develop that sense we still need basic metrics; things that tell us where our readers/listeners are, how they consume (browser or rss?), what they were searching for, what they liked the most and — yes — prospectively, how many of them there are. We have small audiences but it doesn’t hurt to grow that audience and cultivate a listenership. It’s not so much the size of the audience that corrupts, it’s how the size is used. If a bigger audience grabs bigger sponsor dollars then the goal of the large audience is to drive revenue rather than do interesting stuff. I would like more people to hear you and Victor and myself and a host of others. More listeners means more feedback and that is a good thing.

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